hi happy campers!

I started climbing seriously only recently. As with most in Singapore, I started at the gym, but yearned for the outdoors.

However, i found that there was minimal online or updated info on climbing at Dairy Farm, and most I spoke to in the beginning kinda discouraged climbing at Dairy Farm (weather, mostly). I was lucky enough to meet some great folks who started me off in Dairy Farm (thanks Dias, Chew and Joe!), and now we are a little group of friends who regularly climb there.

With this site, we hope to present a clearer picture of what is it like to climb at Dairy Farm, and hopefully help prepare those who are new to outdoor climbing in Singapore for a whole new experience!

NB: I am not a strong, or even a good climber; so this site just shares what we have learnt, and we hope you can join us, and have fun climbing.

This site will NOT be updated often, except when there are major changes/updates on the conditions there). We do have a facebook group where we organize climbs, but it is limited to a private group (due to pictures and videos of climbers there) so email me at juniortanAtMacDotCom and I will gladly add you there.

can even climb barefoot!